Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Review - Minty Wellness Hotel and Spa

Hidden away in a beautiful setting near me you can find Minty Wellness Organic Raw Vegan Hotel and Spa .
It's brand new, having just opened in May of this year.  I have to admit, that when it first opened, I thought it was rather umm...odd for our area.  Minty Wellness is located in Darien Center, an extremely small area between Buffalo and Rochester.  I'm not sure there are that many vegans in this area but now that I have been there, I realize it's a great location for conferences, seminars, and for any one concerned about healthy living.  It's also funny to realize that when I first read the ads, I was not vegan, (and had no intention of being) and yet just a few months later, I am.  
The day I went was when I was just a few weeks into veganism, and I was looking forward to ordering  at and eating at a restaurant where I didn't have to request ANY changes!  It's really sad to me that most restaurants do not offer any healthy options.  Add in the avoidance of meat and dairy and it gets really tricky.  So I was thrilled to have so many choices.  
All meals start with (gluten free) bread and  delicious olive oil for dipping.
I had a really difficult time choosing my entree (they all sounded so good!) but I finally decided on the Lasagna (fresh tomato sauce, vegetables, and tofu ricotta), although the Raw Linguini Alfredo was a close contender.  I also ordered the Organic coffee, served in a French press.
The lasagna was amazing
After lunch I was given a tour of the beautiful guest rooms.  I would definitely recommend staying here.  I would love to stay here and I only live 5 minutes away!  They also offer many different spa services - I really want a hot stone massage!  
Overall I really loved my visit.  I don't really understand the name though?  I plan to ask next time I go.  They have an outside deck seating area which would be beautiful this time of year.  

The sense of relaxation begins as you're travelling down the driveway...I can't wait to go back


  1. I was just contemplating going to Minty Wellness with a couple friends! I live in Rochester. Thanks for the review---and I'm really looking forward to reading more of your blog/journey.

    We should have a veggie blogger meet-up sometime :)

  2. that sounds awesome! we should have a spa day there sometime :) and ill eat an entire vegan meal!

  3. They even have yoga classes And hot stone massages!


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