Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Long Awaited Mac and Cheeze Post

But first, breakfast! Total cereal 
I try and eat this everyday, and this is why
Great nutritional stats!  I also take a multi-vitamin and B-12.  I like to cover my bases.  I always add fruit to it - today it was blueberries.  They're one of the super foods, and with good reason.  I just read an article yesterday about how companies don't use real blueberries, they use 'crunchlettes'.  So please, don't buy food with this ingredient.  Add your own fresh or frozen blueberries!   
Had to have a bag-L too, with PB & J.  Add in some coffee and orange juice.  Got to make sure I get my 5 50 a day ha!

Lunch was the promised mac and cheeze.  I couldn't wait till dinner to make it, so lunch it was!   Amazing
Doesn't it look so good??  Take a closer look
I had some salad leftover from last night, so I ate that too.  I love leftovers!  This is one I call my BLT salad, Baco's being the B (for all you second graders out there that couldn't figure that out)  I'm getting hungry just looking at that macaroni and cheeze, and I just ate!
Dessert - the last of the cupcakes, with some pretty sprinkles, and a cup of energy coffee.
Look!  Sprinkles!

Funny story about the sprinkles.  I didn't read the ingredients until after I verbed them.  They passed my less-than-5-ingredients test (sugar, carnauba wax, confectioner's glaze and red #3)  AND my I-can-pronounce-it test BUT for some reason I thought that carnauba wax was from beetles!  So I was kind of grossed out until I googled it.  Wikipedia laughed and informed me that it's from palm trees.  However, sometimes it's mixed with beeswax so that's kind of a fine line but at least it's not beetles.  Shudder.
Has hummus made an appearance on the blog yet?  If not, I can't believe it.  I heart the stuff and pretty much buy it in bulk.  Here is a little teeny tiny blob of it, with a few pita triangles.

So good!
Hmm.  It's loveliness  just doesn't come across does it?  It might look like a big pile o' poo but I can  assure you it doesn't  taste like it.  That's why this is a tragedy
I had to console myself with some peanut butter candy that's easy as 1 2 3.  I found it on a blog called Make It Naked.
Here's the directions - plop some peanut butter on a paper plate (I used wax paper)
 and freeze.  That's it!  And here's what you get
Let's look again
I originally made 3 but scarfed 1 up before I could snap a pic.   Make It Naked makes her own nut butter, but the union rep for my blender said NO.  Maybe when I get a food processor?  Anyway, I used what I had (chunky) and it was so good.  I need to get some Dark Chocolate Dreams from Peanut Butter & Co to frost these babies.  Ha!
Dinner never really happened.  Well, it sort of did.  Husband wanted Meisner's Deli's Wednesday special, Chicken and Biscuits.  I got french fries (they have awesome fries!)

I wasn't really hungry so I only ate a few. I had a little soup too (are you tired of seeing that yet??)
Yikes.  Those are some Stacy's Pita crumbs from the bottom of the bag I swear.  This is turning out to be some crappy post!
Because I didn't eat much dinner, I was 'snacky' later.  This is another one of my favorite 'recipes'  - microwave popcorn.  This comes from Roni over at
Take a paper lunch bag, put in 2 tablespoons of popcorn, and nuke it for 2 minutes.
Another wholesale club find! Love you Orville!  And this is what you get
Amazing!  No scary ingredients, nothing.  Just popcorn.  Add your own un-pronounceable stuff if you want to.  I add a little salt.  Perfect.
Even more later (more later?)  I had some Mott's cinnamon applesauce with some craisins.  
I stir in a little oatmeal too, cause that's how I roll.
Happy Birthday to Gabriela from  She has a cat that is eerily similar  to ours
Gergie!  Stop eyeing those squirrels!
What are YOU doing to make it a purr-fect day?


  1. Love it! Cant wait to try some of your mac n cheeze! When shall we come over for dinner? =)

  2. I can't wait for you to make that for me!! I'm so glad I found that cookbook!!

  3. Audra come over whenever! I have Life As A House on my Instant Queue. Which probably isn't much of a draw now that you have Instant Queue too. Doh!

    Patti the cook book is awesome. I'll bring the dry ingredients to Tampa and the rest we'll get at Whole Foods (after I re-mortgage the house and we eat at the Hot Bar. Ha!)

  4. thanks for the interesting information


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