Saturday, January 29, 2011

Catching Up

Yesterday turned out to be extremely busy, so I was afc most of the day.  So today only, you get buy one get one free!
Breakfast was rather unconventional.  But it was what I wanted!  Leftover spaghetti
Don't judge!  With it, a side of garlic bread aka pita wedges with Earth Balance, and sprinkled with garlic salt and just a touch of dill.  Mmm I love dill

I jazzed it up with some Frank's and some nutritional yeast, which takes the place of parm.  
Along with the last of my OJ 
And coffee.  I mean, it WAS breakfast!
I love this cup!
I got it when Patti and I went to the Biltmore Estate.  It's so beautiful there!
Almost forgot!  I had an apple too.  
This apple has a history.  When we were in Vegas in December, there were lots of homeless people as usual.  Some of them were funny - like the guy whose sign said "I won't lie, I need beer".  And we loosely did the math in our heads and realized that most of these homeless people make more than we do.  IE if 500 hundred people walk past them in an hour, and 20 people give them a buck, that's $20/hour x let's say 12 hours is $240/day.  But who knows what their situations are and anyway, it's just sad that they're there.  So we would keep apples and drop those in their baskets.  At least we knew they would have something to eat (or trade for a beer).  IF they had a dog with them, we'd also give them a buck.  Suckers!  On a happy note the dogs always looked well cared for.  This apple was the last one I had, as I didn't see anyone homeless on the plane home.
Lunch was okay. Salad!
I can't remember everything that was in it, but I topped it off with some refried beans.  I love those!  Make sure you buy the vegetarian kind, the regular has beef fat.  Yuck.
Lunch may have been on the dull side, but dinner was anything but!
A homemade bean burger, roughly copied from KathEatsRealFood.  I use kidney beans, oatmeal, a little vegan worcestershire  sauce (note-regular has anchovies in it) and S &P.  Cook like a regular hamburger. Looks good right??
On the side, roasted red and sweet potatoes, tossed with maple syrup and a little dry mustard and S&P.  And, broccoli!  It was pretty amazing!  Top on...
I didn't get in any of my usuals (green monsters, V8, Total etc) but I just ran out of time and appetite.

On to Friday.....
Breakfast was good, and actual breakfast foods!
 Oatmeal with walnuts and brown sugar, the usual bagel with pb&j, and coffee.  It's a good thing I carbed up, because lunch was hours later (like, at dinner time) and was this
 Most of which was eaten in the car while driving.  Boo.  However, dinner when it finally materialized, was more than worth wait. First, one (or two) of these!
And then, leftover maple roasted red and sweet potatoes, green beans, and homemade egg(less) rolls!  Just wrappers, filled with shredded cabbage, carrots, diced cucumber, and some left over veggie sausage that I had in the freezer.  Bake at 400 for maybe 25 minutes?  And serve with soy sauce.  Amazing!  Looks like my rolling technique needs a brush up ha!
I just finished breakfast (Pancakes!)  and will have that exciting info tomorrow. Stop rolling your eyes!  I haven't had pancakes in 6 months so it was exciting to me.
What sounds better for breakfast to you?  Spaghetti?  Or pancakes?


  1. Ive never been a big fan of pancakes. After the first one Im already sick of them. haha I love spaghetti and I, too, have eaten it for breakfast. =)

  2. Pancakes are definitely a winner in my book:)

  3. After looking at your food photos, I am officially hungry!!
    I am not a huge fan of pancakes but I don't know if I could have spaghetti for breakfast! LOL

  4. i cant believe you still have that apple! thats awesome. and everything looks so delicious! especially those roll things. yummmy.

  5. Audra yes they sure are filling! I made 3 smallish ones instead of one big one and it worked out great.
    Jess and Melissa give leftover spaghetti for breakfast some love! It's as good as leftover pizza. Just don't put it on your pancakes.
    Brooke I was craving chinese and the eggrolls tasted exactly the same!


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