Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Please Enter My First Contest and Giveaway!

Although I can't give away KitchenAid mixers and Nikons like The Pioneer Woman, or fab stuff for your home like Young House Love (two awesome blogs btw), I can scrounge enough change out of the sofa to do a little giveaway.   I am hoping to encourage people to do one meatless meal.  Just one.  If you can do one meatless and dairy free meal, that'd be even better.  Even one day can make a difference, to the environment and your health.  Think veggie pizza, hold the cheese.
I know what your thinking...Get to the good stuff!  The prizes!
Okay here ya go
This is an amazing vegan peanut butter rice krispie with fudge frosting from the Lexington Co-op on Delaware Ave in Buffalo.  It's pretty amazing.  Yes this one is mine and no you can't have it.  When it stops looking like the inside of a snowglobe out there, I'll go out and get you your own.
A bottle of Frank's hot sauce.  Because nothing says Buffalo like Buffalo Chicken Wings Buffalo tofu. Yes this one is mine and no you can't have it. When it stops looking like the inside of a snowglobe out there, I'll go out and get you your own.  And just in case you're wondering,  nope one bottle isn't enough 
What?  Doesn't everyone have hot sauce bottles in varying degrees of emptiness??
Next up

A $10 Visa giftcard, so that maybe you will try some Buffalo tofu, or hummus, or if you really have too - some Anchor Bar wings.  Fail! And yes this one is mine and no you can't have it.  What?  It's not like I'm giving away a half eaten apple
Whoops!  Anyway, I'll get you your own gift card, when it stops looking like...well, you get the idea.

Two $1 off coupons for some really good stuff.  Try it, you'll be surprised!
And finally
A really great pamphlet on going Vegan.  My daughter got this in Tampa at a Vegan Fair, sent it to me, I brought it with me to Vegas, and now it can come live with you.  It's actually travelled more than my Grandmother did.
To be eligible, just answer one question...What would be really hard for you to give up if you went vegan? Tell me in the comment section below.  For me, it was macaroni and cheese.  But then, with the help of a great cookbook and nutritional yeast, I found a great substitute that I like even better!
For an additional entry, link this post to your Twitter using the button near the top, then come back and say that you did.  
Ditto for posting this to your Facebook, using the button above.
Contest  will run for one week.  Winner will be chosen by Random Integrator next Wednesday, January 19th at 9pm.  Contest for residents of the  US only please.
Good Luck!


  1. Cheese and pepperoni pizza!! I use turkey pepperoni, so does that make it vegetarian??

  2. Meat would be no issue. It would be super hard for me to give up dairy products in general. I LOVE cheese. And yogurt. And of course, ice cream. I don't know if I can live without them.
    Vegetarian, yes.
    Vegan... I dunno. :/

  3. i think giving up dairy products like yogurt and kefir would be hard because i do like my probiotics


  4. PS I love your blog so much I shared it with my friends on Facebook!

  5. Hamburgers! Ice Cream! Pizza!

  6. The hardest part would be cheese. Not just the standard cheddar but the gouda stuff! :)

  7. Great giveaway! I could never be vegan because cheese is just too near and dear to my heart.

    But you had me at Frank's hot sauce! I'll give a shout out in my post tomorrow! :D

  8. Thanks Biz! I feel like I had a celebrity visit!

  9. I've done a couple of vegan stints (up to a month) without really missing anything, but I know what I would miss in the long run would be eggs. Followed closely by cheese :)

    Actually though, I'm going to do another vegan month soon!

  10. It would be really hard for me to give up steak. I haven't had one since Christmas, and even then it was a special occasion, but *knowing* that I wouldn't have another feels different than inadvertently not eating it.

  11. hmm i dont know where to begin. some of the things i would have alot of difficulty giving up are.. cheese, sausage, pizza, yogurt, and most definitely Chinese food!!

  12. I already pass on dairy, so really giving up eggs and fish would be the most challenging for me.

  13. How fun! I'm vegetarian, and it would be so hard for me to give up cheese. I used to be vegan, and it was cheese that made me turn back. There's just something about it that my body WANTS.

  14. The hardest thing for me to give up would definitely be crabcakes!

  15. I do try to eat at least 1 vegetarian meal a day, but there's really 2 things that would be really hard to give up. SUSHI....I lvoe the stuff, and yes like Biz and som many others....Cheese.

  16. Great giveaway! All of my meals are vegan already :) For people looking to move more towards a plant based diet I'd recommend having some yummy vegetable soups during the winter

  17. Steak and crab Rangoon. =)

  18. I'm a sucker for ice cream and gelato. The more I pay, the better. Although I love the coconut versions you can pay tons for at whole foods, there is just no vegan version of soft serve that I'm aware of.

    Add to that I'm an avid mac n cheese & grilled cheese lover, I sort of feel like a lost cause in the giving up dairy department although logically I long to be vegan.

    Ugh! Maybe you can pass me your mac n cheese recipe!?! :-)

  19. We've got a bunch of chickens, so what am I gonna do with all those eggs? Throw at my neighbor's house, that guy with the pool that never invites me over to swim? Hmmmm... you may have just talked me into it!

  20. I am all for humanely raised chickens. I would keep chickens but my husband and the mean old village ordinances both say NO. Send me some eggs and in return you can swim in our pool


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