Monday, January 10, 2011

Coming Out of the Pantry (Or - How To Tell Your Family and Friends)

I really kind of eased into veganism.  I didn't have a plan, I just took it day by day.  I wasn't really a big meat eater anyway (I was an on and off again vegetarian).  So it wasn't really unusual for me to make a different dinner for myself than I did for my husband.  After awhile, he was starting to notice my vegetables-only meals and I decided it would be better to just take the bull by the horns (ha) and tell him.  I think it's better to make up something really shocking, then when you tell your real news, it's not so bad.
Me:  I have something to tell you
Husband:  What's that?
Me: (boldly) I have decided to become a p0rn star! (*Zero inserted so pervs don't find my blog. Heh)
*crickets chirping*
Husband: OMG
Me: No not really.  I've decided to be a Vegan!
Husband: Wouldn't you rather be a p0rn star?

Let's face it, not eating meat or dairy is thought of as weird.  Strange.  Just not normal.  But my husband has rallied and will even mention it to people.  If we go out to eat, he's the one checking the menu for vegan-friendly items.  The kids have been great too.  Son Steven (21) informed me that for every animal I don't eat, he'll eat two.  But then he bought me this great cookbook!

Daughter Patti (27) has been extremely supportive.  She seeks out vegan restaurants with me when we travel, even when they are miniscule and hard to find (Hello tiny Whole Foods in Erie Pa!); went to a Vegan Fair in Tampa and got me some great literature;  and bought me another great cookbook!
Son Rick (23) said That's Great, then told me how much he loves veal.  Boo.  He has been supportive however, although he had yet to buy me a cookbook (hint hint Rick!)
Some people I still haven't told.  (Although, I guess if you're reading this, you know now!)  I still don't have all the answers, and I am still taking it day by day, but I am enjoying living a cruelty free life.  Except for tormenting my husband.

What about you?  Ever thought about being a vegan?  A vegetarian?
Contest details coming up Wednesday so make sure you check back!


  1. I think that if i could could find a good cheese replacement I could be vegan.... maybe someone needs to make me vegan mac and cheese!!!

  2. I am close to vegetarian in that I can certainly go without meat. I generally do not eat meat for breakfast or lunch, and not all the time for dinner. I don't think I'd ever put a label on my eating, because I'm the type of person who after saying they were veg would have incredible meat cravings hah.

  3. This will likely sound insane but here goes. I always joked that I was a vegetarian growing up cause I never liked eating meat. Now in my mid 30's I still don't like it. I want to be vegan but I'm essentially too darn lazy to take a stand and make it happen. What a loser!

  4. Lazy is my middle name! If I could sub out the word vegan for lazy I think more people would do it.


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