Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pancakes and Sloppy Joes

I have to admit, yesterday's eats were pretty spectacular.  I'm constantly amazed at the foods I used to love that can be made in a healthy, cruelty free way.  Why didn't I start this years ago?  I just cringe when I think of all the 'pizza pillows' (Totino's pizza rolls)  and hot dogs I used to feed my  kids.  Sorry kids!  And let's not even talk about chicken nuggets.  Did you know that McDonald's chicken nuggets have 26 ingredients? 26.   The only thing I like at Mickey D's is their straws.  I can't even eat the fries because they fry them in beef fat.  I like to think that if people knew what they were eating at fast food restaurants they would stop.  But most of the people interviewed about Taco Bell and their non-beef beef tacos said they didn't care.  That they didn't expect real beef for a buck.  My God people aren't you worth more than a dollar?  Isn't your health worth more?

You hamburglers don't go getting all smug on me!  Do you have any idea how many cows are in your hamburger?  In just ONE patty?  Seriously, you don't want to know.  But all the cows go down the chute and get chopped up all together.   Even the hamburger you buy at the store could have the meat from several different cows in it.   The only way to make sure it doesn't is to buy a hunk of     chuck or sirloin and grind it up yourself.  But you won't do that will you?  I can see you shuddering just at the thought of doing that.  Most people don't like meat if it looks like what it used to be when it was alive.

Anyway, moo-ving on!
Breakfast was pancakes and I was really happy about that.  I was too lazy to make them from scratch (imagine that!)  but luckily Bisquick  is vegan.  Yes that's right.  It's what you put in it (eggs and milk) that isn't.  So I made pancakes using a flax egg (ground flax and water) and almond milk. Look!
With them I had a clementine, almond milk and coffee.  Lets take a closer look
Don't the look delicious??  They were!  Do they look any different?  Nope.  I could feed you these and you would never know (but I would tell you!)  I am lucky because we have real maple syrup, right from my parent's land.  Yum!

Lunch was a mix of leftovers!  I love leftovers!  I vaguely remember half of a veggie burger, an eggroll, and maybe some maple potatoes?  It was good anyway!

Dinner was good too.  I had a craving for sloppy joes, and most recently saw them on  Emily's last name is Sweet, and it would be great if she was related to one of our favorite Cottage neighbors Rick Sweet, but since she's from the West Coast I don't think that's likely.  And guess what?  Manwich is accidentally vegan too, just like Bisquick!  Yay!  So I mixed it up with some Boca crumbles, which look and taste like hamburger, and some lentils, just because I like them.
Closer?  Sure!
Maybe that's too close!  You can see the lentils but really, Manwich is so spicy that you can't taste them.  Even the husband was eying it.  But he hasn't voluntarily eaten a sloppy joe since middle school and I just couldn't convince him.  I think he would have eaten the pancakes if he was home.  But somebody has to work!
Dessert/snack was applesauce with some red hots mixed in. Mmm.  At some point I had V8 and some popcorn but you know what they look like!
Come back for tomorrow's post, which will involve something that rythmes with Meatza!  Any guesses??

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