Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TGIF, and I Celebrate My Polish Heritage

That's right - Thank God It's February!  I try not to complain (too much) about January but I really hate it. BTW, it took me forever when I was little to add that "R" into FebRuary, both in print and speech.  I still don't say it! And this Febuary is extra special because I turn 50!  I am both amazed and astonished by this.  How did that happen?  Anyway, moving on. I don't really remember breakfast but I'm sure it's not something that was staring at me.
Lunch however, LUNCH I remember!  I had some tofu leftover from the mac and cheeze the other day so I marinated it, then fried it in a skillet with a little Earth Balance til it got nice and crispy.  The marinade I use is the best!  I have had this recipe forever and I actually got it from a ham slice package which makes me feel a little sad now.  
3T maple syrup
1T soy sauce
2T bourbon or whiskey or whatever you have hidden in your nightstand - just not the nyquil
1/2 t minced garlic
1 t fancy mustard with seeds.  Or just plain.  I'm okay with just plain
Shake it up in a little jar and use often!

I drizzled a little extra on it.  I also had some black olives (and strongly resisted the urge to put them on my fingers and run around the house chanting NA NA NA NA)
Some trees
And some yummy smashed potatoes, with  carmelized onions and garlic.  Beyond good!  I just sub out the milk and butter for almond milk and Earth Balance. 
Don't you wish the screen was scratch and sniff?
Look again
Hey get off the table!
In full disclosure I don't eat at this table.  It's in our back room, mud room, family room, the first room you walk into in our house.  So don't be hating on a cat getting her vitamin D!  There was actual sunshine in that spot.  Just be glad it wasn't THIS on the table
Wait she looks small there
Yes that's 18lbs of kitty love.  Tubby Princess is really my Mother's cat but she stays with us in the winter while my parents hide out in Florida.  Cowards!
Dinner is where my Polish roots come into play.  For those of you who are wondering how Griffin + Becker = Cunninghamski, I am adopted.  Plus, I just found out that Father Baker and I have the same birthdate!  See how holy I am?
This is another recipe from One Sweet Vegan.  Just search for Kraut Burgers in her recipes.  I made it pretty much exactly like she did only I couldn't use cabbage from my WINTER GARDEN. Truthfully I don't have a summer garden either but some day I might!  So stop throwing that in my face okay?  They were as good as I hoped, and I'm so glad I have some leftover.  She uses brown gravy over hers but I just dipped mine in some pub mustard. 
Take a look
 With my leftover trees and smashed potatoes from lunch.  The kraut burgers look better on Emily's blog but they were seriously good.  They reminded me of ruebens!
Bottom view (again, hoping that phrase doesn't lead pervs to my blog)
 Middle view.  That looks like hamburger but it's just crumbles. 
Mustard!  I don't have a winter garden but I have mustard!
After dinner I decided to make baklava wontons.  But they somehow morphed into chocolate-peanut butter-walnut wontons. Over the top good!  At first I cut the wrapper into quarters, but that made them way to small
Then I experimented
Too much 'top'. I wanted them to look like crab rangoon.
Top cut off...
 Nope that's not right.
Folded like an envelope...
Still not right
Like a little bundle?  Close but not quite there yet...
 Perfect!  Cute right?
Look inside!
They took a little tweaking but so worth it. 
Tell me, do you really think I miss meat?  Nope

Today I'm making soup.  Comfort food in case we get hit by that storm.
Happy Febuary!


  1. Omg you are so funny!! And I don't know many people who would admit to having anything the same as father baker!!!

  2. Father Baker was great. Haven't you ever been to the Basilica? He's up for sainthood

  3. I love February too! We share a birth month! :-) Amazing looking meals- I love the smiley face breakfast!

  4. What a lovely bagel halfs and tangerine face! :)

  5. I guess I like to play with my food ;)


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