Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!

I have a feeling this is going to be a great year!  I had planned on doing a post about New Year's Resolutions (like maybe ummm blogging more??) but my daughter did a post that pretty much sums it up!
Click HERE.  

She's a nurse who loves to travel (and even did travel nursing for a few years) and her blog is awesome!  Go check it out

Monday, July 30, 2012

Big Changes Coming Soon...

Husband's retiring...Cottage is sold...lots of changes in the air.  Where will life take us?  Big changes coming soon!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Heading Into The Sun

Leaving Sunday for Florida!  Can't wait!  Going to visit these two

Patti and Isaac.
Taking these two with me.  Son Rick
And BFF Mary, aka Patti's Godmother
This afternoon, we're heading to Niagara Falls for an auction.  No, they're not auctioning off the water!  But we might head over to the Casino afterwards, maybe I can win some extra $$ for the trip?  It's Beer Week in Tampa after all!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Groaning,But Not Moaning, Table

Thanksgiving is going to be different this year.  Not because I'm vegan (I was last year too) but because this year our table will be set for 4.  Just 4.  But I am very thankful for the people who will be at that table, and for the ones who aren't, too.
Patti and Isaac are coming home for Christmas, so they are staying in Tampa for Thanksgiving.  Both working that day.  That's life in the health field! People need nurses and physical therapists on Thanksgiving too.

Steven and Audra will be in Maryland, finding a new place to call 'Home'.
But I'll have these two with me, and I'm very thankful for that - Rick and my Mom
Anyway, on to the eats!  Keep in mind that:
A) I cook the same for 40 as I do for 4
B) I love leftovers
C) See above

So here's the Menu for T-Day
Please note - EVERYTHING is vegan unless starred (**)

Tostitos chips with salsa (Newman's Own Medium, and Pineapple)

Homemade bread and butter pickles (thanks Mary M!)
Black olives
Green olives

BLT salad - iceburg lettuce, tomatoes, baco's (yes, baco's are vegan.  Crazy right?), homemade ranch type dressing
Wilted spinach salad - with poms, craisins, pecan pie walnuts (Emerald brand) and honey crisp apples chunks dressed in lemon juice, EVOO, and honey
Green beans
Green bean casserole (made with homemade cream of mushroom soup)
Homemade applesauce (my Mom makes this, it's the BEST)
Cranberries, whole and jelly
Brussels sprouts roasted with maple syrup
Sweet potato casserole
Mashed Potatoes
Stuffing with Faux Sausage, celery, and sage
Gravy **
Turkey that my Mother was given as a gift (Obviously**)
Field roast sausage (for me, with peppers and onions, mmm)
Pumpkin pie (Mom is making this)
Pumpkin chiffon

The table may groan, but I promise not to moan about the people who won't be with me this year.  But that doesn't mean I won't miss them.  Love you guys!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Someone Gets a Facelift

After living with it for Ten.Long.Years., the kitchen is finally getting a facelift!  We have already upgraded the furnace (twice!), the hot water tank (also twice!) the electrical,  the plumbing and the roof, so it was time.  Our kitchen is kind of quirky, and the cabinets were all made to order, 70 years ago!  Previously, the kitchen was a bedroom for the two times ago owners, who had 13 children that took up the whole upstairs and then some I imagine.  But when the Dr and his family moved in back in the 40's, he turned the then-kitchen (now our back room) into his treatment room, waiting room, and office and turned the downstairs bedroom into the kitchen.  I think his wife did some updating in the 70's when the Dr passed away but it was pretty much 1940's original when we moved in, in 2001.
Here are some befores
Although the  kitchen isn't a bad size really, most of the wall space is taken up by the FOUR doors - one into the backroom, one into the dining room, one to the downstairs half bath, and one outside entrance.  That doesn't leave much room!  Because of the strange measurements (my lower cabinets are only 20' deep!) we can't replace the cabinets but they are pretty sturdy and just need repainting so that's fine.  But we upgraded the countertop, sink, faucet, backsplash, paint, and stove, so it feels totally new to me!
Here are some 'durings'

Yes, that's the outside wall of our house!  (Our house is brick)  That kind of explains why the kitchen and especially the insides of the cabinets were so cold!  NO insulation!  And yes, the previous backsplash was subway tiles, but not in a good way.  They were sort of part of the cement backer board?  Anyway, it was all one piece and couldn't be saved even if I wanted too (I didn't).


I love it all!  The new double oven (Whirlpool Gold Series) is so much better than our old pos Kenmore.  It was a lemon that went bad a month after the warranty expired, and I should have kicked it to the curb long ago. We got the new one at Logel Appliance in Strykersville, and if you are local, you need to go there for all your appliances!  They have buildings full of gorgeous scratch and dents that you can hardly tell are damaged.  Ours wasn't (it was a factory closeout) and they have brand new appliances too.  I was eying up a really nice stainless steel, gas double oven range but nothing else is stainless in the kitchen (and we didn't want to upgrade anything else at this time) and we would have had to run a gas line to the kitchen.  But I'm extremely happy with the one we got.  I also really love the sink (it's extra deep) and the pull out faucet and soap dispenser. The hanging plates art I first saw on Oh She Glows and I loved it and got it at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Here's the close up of the tile
It's hard to tell, but the colors are ice blue (almost Tiffany), chocolate brown, and cream.  Yum!

I'll be back with photos of our back room makeover next!  Any renos in your future?

Monday, August 22, 2011

The End of an Amazing Life, and the Beginning of a New One Together

On August 5th, my Father passed away.  Although he hadn't been well for some time, it was still unexpected, and a shock.  
My parents on July 24th, their 63rd Anniversary.

We have all been lucky enough to have spent a lot of time with him, and we will treasure those memories.  We miss him so much.

Just a short two weeks later, on Saturday August 20th, we were fortunate to be able to celebrate a happy occasion - the wedding of son Steven and new daughter in law, Audra!

The ceremony took place on Assateague Island National Seashore, and was absolutely beautiful.  Best wishes to the Bride and Groom for years of happiness!

So as you can see, August has been a month of sadness, and joy.  I will be back to regular blogging soon.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

This Makes Me Hap-pea!

I've been reading Sarah's blog since the beginning, back when she was lovin' her tummy.  If you're a long time reader too, you'll know what I mean!  Anyway, she is super funny, has the cutest girls ever and I love her so much even if I've never met her (stalker much?) and even though she hates cats (gasp!).
I'm especially happy because she's written her first cookbook (which will cut down a little on the crazy recipe printing I do from her blog) and I just got my copy.  Yay!  I plan to read it cover to cover, then choose my first recipe to try.  I can't wait!
I've been telling you and telling you to read her blog, now go do it!  You can thank me later!

Coming soon - win your own copy of this cookbook!